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So, I have been writing for pleasure over the last six months. I wrote a Natasha/Pepper femmeslash piece - whee! It's relatively short (15K) and rough, compared to my usual, but it's been a terrific source of fun and relaxation.

You should probably have a working knowledge of the Iron Man movies before reading, since the fic reworks the second film from Nat's perspective without bothering to explain every little thing (y'know, kind of like we do with HP a lot of the time, cause we assume a base knowledge in the fandom), but if you feel so inclined, here's the link on AO3.

Title: On Tilt
Fandom(s): Iron Man (movies), Marvel (movies)
Summary: It all began with a lingerie shoot in Tokyo. A story of double identities, poker, and a long-term relationship with Johnnie Walker. Or, what would have happened if Nat and Pepper had met before the events of Iron Man 2.
Rating: Mature
Relationship(s): Natasha/Pepper, Clint/Coulson
Tags: BAMF Natasha, Natasha Feels, Pepper has a poker face, Natasha and Clint are BFF, Clint is a relationship expert, Coulson is a domestic goddess, Angst, Sexual Content, Women Being Awesome, Pre-Avengers (2012)


Fic Rec: Losers Fandom

So, if any of you are into The Losers (comics or the film that followed), and specifically Cougar, you should check out He Makes My Arms Strong, just posted on AO3 by a friend of mine (full disclaimer: I beta'd). It's a Cougar character study told in a series of vignettes, the first in a series which will be followed by a piece focusing on Jensen, culminating in some good ol' Cougar/Jensen. If fantasizing about the backstory of a certain quiet Mexican-cum-Midwestern sniper tickles your fancy, you should go over and take a look...

Summary: This is a story about how a boy with a laugh like a meadowlark finds himself a sniper in the east end of nowhere, listening to the enemy break the brush line behind him and thinking that this might be the end.

And this is not a love story. But it could be.


Fic Rec: Losers Fandom

Y'all remember this severely under-appreciated movie that you don't have to have read the comics it's based on to love?

One of my friends has written a Cougar/Jensen humor fic from Cougar's POV. It's Cougar like you probably have never imagined him, plus my friend is new to AO3. So, you should read go read it and give her some love. The fic is called And now might be the time for a colorful metaphor. Enjoy!


I'm on the quiz!

I am pleased as punch to have two stories on the quiz_sshg this week: The Witch's Snare (an old birthday gift to annietalbot, elise_wanderer, and Lulabelle) and Run to the Water. There are so many fun stories this week - a lovely way to spend the St. Paddy's Day weekend!


The Exchange Reveal!

First, I'd like to thank the mods - because they're incredible, but also because they (very graciously) allowed me an extension. Though I initially berated myself for signing up with so many life changes on the horizon, the Exchange ultimately proved to be an enormous blessing. In the frantic days of packing and moving and wedding-ing, it was a relief to be able to say "I need to go to a coffeeshop and write."

The story that came out of that frantic period was Run to the Water, written for a_war_goddess, who offered a brilliant mythology-ridden prompt to play with. The story was terrific fun to write, and an army of women kept me sane in the process. Many thanks to shefa, who alpha read and ensured psychological soundness, and to camillo1978, subversa, and ariadne1, who were gracious about having chunks of prose show up in their inbox with "Does this work?" in the subject line. My betas - deemichelle, dickgloucester, and sshg316 - did fantastic work, and Dicky and Dee took on the added task of Brit-picking. And Shug was there encouraging me the entire way, usually by letting me crash at her place for writing dates and baking sacher torte. *grins

And unbeknownst to me, even as she was beta'ing my story, Dicky was writing my gift, the brilliant If This Be Error, based on Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 (which, incidentally, was read at my wedding). The story was breathtaking and lyrical and poignant and subtle and all sorts of things that are just Love. If you have not read it, I implore you: go now! And if you read it before, then you're due for a reread, because it's one of the most beautiful pieces of fiction - not fanfiction, just fiction, period - I've read in a very, very long time.

Days like today are a great reminder of what an incredible community this is here on LJ. I'm the better for having you all - and your wonderful stories! - in my life.

Fic Update: The Tenant of Lyonesse Hall

Chapter five has posted on The Petulant Poetess and OWL. It's in the queue at Ashwinder, and I'll be posting it on within the next day or two.

It feels good to be back. And while my studies are doing their best to monopolize my time, I've got 2000 words of chapter six in the bag already...

The Tenant of Lyonesse Hall

Chapter four of The Tenant of Lyonesse Hall has posted on TPP and OWL. Pending at Ashwinder.

An ungodly amount of thanks go out to my beta team. I'm heading out of town for a truly insane weekend and basically sent the "If you have time to get to it, read, and if you don't, don't worry about it." Within 48 hours, all five of them had it back to me with great feedback and proceeded to walk me through wibbles and concerns, etc. basically all day today. sshg316, dickgloucester, shefa, tonksinger, and subversa are amazing, and I am so freaking blessed to have them as readers.

Dramione Recs ~ducks~

I've been on a bit of a Dramione binge lately - I do adore their dynamic - and these two fics are just begging to be rec'd. (I know I'm late to the party on the first one, but still.)

The Politician's Wife by pir8fancier
Complete in 14 chapters (ca. 67000 words), rated M

Humor, maturity, depth: this story has it all. It features Draco and Hermione in their 40s, competing for the same position at the Ministry, their sexual tension and hearty banter undiminished by time. They are both married, so their relationship unfolds as an odd friendship at first, but ... it doesn't take a genius to guess where it goes. pir8fancier tackles some intense themes and the entire spectrum of human emotion, and she does it with flair and finesse. This story is first rate, the writing in fine form. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Wanna read a funny excerpt?Collapse )

The Mildred Plotker Incident by unknown
Complete in 2 chapters, rated PG-13

This posted recently at the dmhgficexchange, and I'm indebted to pokeystar for recommending it. It is crisp, clean, and jampacked with enough wit and aplomb to fuel ... something really big (sorry, I'm not as witty as the titular character). What makes it markedly original in my book is that it's told from an "outsider" perspective - the POV we are gifted with is that of Mildred Plotker, whose dry observations had me almost cracking a rib at my local coffeeshop. Did I mention that Mildred functions as a therapist to the stars War Heroes? Oh, and Draco and Hermione are here too, in the midst of a fine bout of marital misunderstanding. Unsurprisingly, Mildred is in the middle of it.

Do you need an excerpt to convince you to take a look? Of course you do.Collapse )


"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work." - Rita Mae Brown

"Writing is not rapturous. In fact, the only way I can get anything written at all is to write really, really shitty first drafts." - Anne Lamott


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